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IRC - Internet Relay Chat

Internet Relay Chat

Use our IRC server to casually chat to Zymic staff, members and fans! Connect using the below info, or read our guide on this page!

irc.zymic.com |
#zymic |
Zymic IRC server is online

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

Let's start with "What is IRC?" - IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.

The hint is in the name; it's a chat system like MSN and AIM, but it works in different ways. IRC has two parts, a server and a client - you will need a client to access our IRC server. We recommend that all Windows users use a program called mIRC as it is one of the oldest, most established IRC clients around. For Linux, Mac and other Operating Systems we recommend X-Chat.

Download mIRC: http://mirc.com/get.html
Download X-Chat: http://xchat.org/download/

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

I will now explain how to connect using mIRC.

When you launch mIRC you will be prompted to enter in various details such as your full name, email address, your chosen nickname (IRC has a nickname, like MSN and AIM have screen names), and an alternative in case that one is taken. Make sure you have filled in the information and press OK.

There will be a main blank window - this is the main window you will need to connect to our server. In the window's text field (at the bottom) you will need to type "/server irc.zymic.com" (without the quotes) to establish a connection to our server.

You will now need to connect to our channel (a channel is really just another name for a chat room): our channel is called #zymic. A window may have already shown, asking you for the channel name - if so, enter "#zymic", else type "/join #zymic" (without the quotes) in the main window and press enter. You should now be connected to our main channel, and the rest is obvious from here on.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

When you log on, you will have your nick. But when you leave, that nick is free again. NickServ is used to register and protect your nickname so that it cannot be taken.

This is done by typing "/msg nickserv register yourpassword youremail" (without the quotes; and substituting "yourpassword" and "youremail" for your desired password and email address, respectively).

When you join the server the next time, NickServ will send you a message asking you to identify. This is in other words a "login". Simply type "/msg nickserv identify yourpassword" (without the quotes).

That's all there is to registering a nick!