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Web Layout Coding Services

We bring your website layout/template design to life by coding it into XHTML and CSS based on web standards. Our coding is professional and various factors are taken into consideration such as web browsers, SEO, load optimisation and more!

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Done in 3 days


Done in 5 days


Done in 7 days

Web Layout Coding Services

Web Layout Coding Services

Once you have your website designed you will need to get a free quote using the above form. We will then get back to you within 48 hours (usually within a day) and will give you a price quote and ask any needed to know questions.

Once you have accepted our quote we then require the design in either PSD (Photoshop Layered - preferred) or simply a generic image format (.jpg, .gif etc). A 50% upfront payment is needed before we can start the project.

Web Layout Coding Services

Once we have the payment we will start the project straight away and will keep to a strict deadline to ensure the work is produced on time.

Whilst coding we make sure that the design complies to the following factors:

  • Validates to W3C web standards (both (X)HTML and CSS).
  • Works 100% in Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO) to ensure your website will rank well.
  • Images and code optimized to ensure minimal load time yet still holding original quality.
  • Easy to edit and understand our code. This will include comments and a structure easy to modify if needed.

Web Layout Coding Services

Once we have finished coding your website we will request the final 50% of payment.

We can then send you your website (in .rar or .zip format) and you can provide feedback and any small changes which may need doing. If your project was for Wordpress or VBulletin we will make sure your design installs correctly at no extra cost.