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Free Tutorials » Cinema-4D » Boolean Modeling Tool

Learn the basics of the boolean modeling tool.

Step 1

First start by making a Capsule. Objects>Primitive>Capsule.

Step 1 diagram

Step 2

Make the settings like I have shown below. Then click Apply.

Step 2 diagram

Step 3

It should now look like this.

Step 3 diagram

Step 4

Duplicate the capsule (copy and paste). Make the coordinates of the duplicated capsule (Capsule.1) look likes the settings shown here. Then click apply.

Step 4 diagram

Step 5

It should now look somewhat like this.

Step 5 diagram

Step 6

Now apply Boolean by doing this...

Step 6 diagram

Step 7

Or another way is...

Step 7 diagram

Step 8

Now put both Capsule.1 and the orginal Capsule into Boolean.(Make sure the original Capsule is ABOVE the duplicated capsule!).

Step 8 diagram

Step 9

Now your image should look somewhat like this.

Step 9 diagram

Step 10

If you dont like the way that looks, just move Capsule.1 forward or backward. (USE THE GREEN ARROW!)

I changed the coordinates for Capsule.1 to... and then applied them.

Step 10 diagram

Step 11

If you use the settings above, it should now look something like this:

Step 11 diagram

Step 12

Now just goto Render>Render veiw to see what you got.

I added some materials, a plane, more boolean bojects, and lighting. I then came up with the below render.

Step 12 diagram

Step 13

It may be a bit sloppy, but add some hyperNURBS( Objects>Nurbs>HyperHURBS) and you can make some renders that look great.

Download the c4d file by "right clicking > save target as.." on the below image:

Step 13 diagram

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