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Adobe Photoshop

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Create some fresh glossy text which easily stands out.

Step 1

Type out your word, and use the font "Danube". Size 72 and "Sharp" for smoothness and font colour #ff7505.

Step 1 diagram

Step 2

Bring up the blending options for the text layer, use the below settings.

Step 2 diagram

Step 3

Make a new layer. Hold CTRL and click on the text layer in the layer pallet (as shown below). Then go to "Select > Modify > Contract > 1" and press ok. You should now have a selection like the second picture.

Step 3 diagram

Step 4

Select the gradient fill tool, "white > transparent" as shown in the image below. Drag from top to bottom.

Step 4 diagram

Step 5

Set the blending mode to "Overlay". Set the opacity to around 70% (or change it until you like how it looks). Make a back panel graphic and play around with your text. My result is below.

Step 5 diagram

Tutorial comments

03.03.2013 -

kyogto says …

awesome 1000000+

18.09.2012 -

chuanchuan says …

sorry,I don't understand, Respect from Bulgaria. :)

18.09.2012 -

chuanchuan says …

sorry I don't understand

03.08.2012 -

ahsanbd says …

Free Tutorials are available without dollars, why so much usd put here for sale something. not interested for that.

28.06.2012 -

gbinev says …

excellent 6+

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